What, exactly, is a Nuclear Reaction?

Naturally occurring uranium is a substance which gradually gives off elementary particles and radioactivity and, thereby, converts itself to lead. As to how and why it came into this state or even where it came from are questions which, at present, have no available answers.

In the natural state, this process called “radioactive decay” does not cause any great problems because the level of activity is very low. The rate of decay from uranium to lead is constantly dampened down by the soil, stones and other minerals which are mixed in with the uranium.

When, however, uranium is “refined”, i.e. processed to remove all the non-uranium material which dampens down the radioactive decay, then the level of activity becomes millions of times more powerful, generating massive heat and masses of other radioactive substances (nuclear waste) which remain highly toxic for thousands of years.

This video helps to explain how these “chain reactions” occur. The dramatic action is in the last 40 seconds.


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