How does Radioactivity actually make you ill?

We have seen on the page describing what radioactivity is how the chain reaction throws masses of wild particles, heat and radioactivity into the environment. Why should this be so damaging not only to you but to all life forms on the planet (other than cockroaches which, uniquely, appear to have a natural immunity to radioactivity)?

As with other types of energy, radioactivity can easily go into resonance with your body. If it does so then it will bring vast amounts of chaos into any system which takes it up. It is your lymph system and bone marrow which are most susceptible to taking up radioactivity. You may be aware that the most common forms of cancer associated with radioactivity are lymphatic cancer and leukaemia. Susceptibility to radioactive chaos perverting your body’s systems can be both greatly increased or reduced by specific dietary changes.

The consumption of refined sugar, white flour produce, cow dairy produce, alcohol, coffee, strong black tea, bell peppers (also known as paprika), potatoes, and most refined and packaged “foodstuffs” will increase your risk of cancer because they weaken many of your body’s systems and make them less coherent and, thus, more open to taking up radioactive and other forms of chaos.

Whole grains, fresh organically grown vegetables, aduki, kidney and moong beans and green or black lentils will have exactly the opposite effect.

You can download a free guide to human appropriate nutrition here.

As you saw in the video on the “what is radioactivity” page, radioactivity is extremely chaotic. Once you get this sort of activity running around your body then you are going to have problems.

Interestingly, the Japanese monks who practised an extremely ordered meditation technique were completely unharmed by the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many of those who lived “normal” lives were killed by the radiation.

Order is, of course, a natural phenomenon and it is order which holds your body together and enables your trillions of cells to function together as a community. Increasing chaos (also called entropy – the tendency for things to fall to pieces) will make normal body function at first difficult and then impossible.

Radioactive chaos will first perturb the normal protein activity within your cells then destroy the communication between your cells which, in turn, causes a rapid rise in free radicals in your blood which, as you probably know, is a precursor of cancer.

Very intense high doses of radioactivity can kill almost instantly by putting so much chaos into your systems that most of them are no longer able to function. In this state, not even the normal recycling bacteria and fungi can consume the dead cells and it could be a very, very long time before your body decomposes.






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