The Harmony Technology and how it can help

Karma Singh
To begin with let me admit that it took me six years to get my head around the Harmony Technology. It is so different to everything which mankind has invented to date that one almost has to learn a new way of thinking in order to grasp it fully.

What I’m going to try to do here is to give you a basic understand of what the technology is, how it functions and just why it can be so beneficial to you. (In point of fact, this is actually guaranteed or your money back!)

Just to give you a clear starting point; any questions about the technology which begin with, “Is it like................” or, “Is it a type of..................” and similar questions, will always have the answer “No!” The technology has no similarity to anything which has ever existed upon this planet.

As you will see in the technology pages on the Harmony United website, the devices consist of quantum resonators which are based upon dielectrica (electron mirrors) into which large numbers of coils and condensers have been crystallised and three dimensionally cross-connected. Because the material itself (a thermo-polymer) is non-conductive there is neither electrical flux nor magnetic field. During the six years which it took to develop the first functioning device (September 1989) it was gradually learned that the less metal in the material, the more efficient the devices became. When all metal had been eliminated, the effects were the most coherent. Polymers, although non-conductive, will react to energy impulses much faster than metal or crystal.

Now, here is the first apparent paradox:-

The technology is so effective in such an enormously broad spectrum of applications because the devices don’t DO anything!!!

Mankind’s technology to date has all been about forcing the environment to conform to the whims and fancies of the human imagination. This is why we have such huge numbers of different tools: Each application necessitates a different tool.

The Harmony Technology neither adds anything to nor does it remove anything from any system or material with which it comes into contact. All that happens when you bring a Harmony device into contact with your body (for example) is that a process of Quantum Ordering begins.

Quantum Ordering takes place at the interface between energy and matter, where energy is being in-formed, i.e. coalesced in to matter. This is an area of extremely high but un-coordinated activity which can be likened to a 12 dimensional spaghetti.

The natural order relies upon resonance to deliver the right energy frequencies to the place(s) where they are needed. So, for example, your liver has a natural resonance with in-formed liver energy, i.e. they are on the same frequency. Unfortunately, mankind has been pumping with ever increasing volume huge amount of perturbing and chaotic energy into the Earth energy fields and it is these, because there is no natural system which can filter them out, which lead to system malfunction, illness and even death.

Quantum Ordering separates all this energy into its constituent parts so that each frequency travels along its own unique pathway and no longer has any perturbing informational energy mixed in with it. This sets the condition in which any and every system will, through natural resonance alone, take up only the energy which it needs and will “ignore” everything else. This, in turn, will set any system free to move naturally into optimal function in which state it will automatically remove any perturbing influences present.

To help understand this, we can take the example of the radio in your car.

Your radio, unlike your body, has an energy filter built into it. This is called “the tuner”. What the tuner does is to focus the coherence of your radio so that only goes into resonance with one particular frequency and then you hear only the radio station that you’ve “tuned” into. Were the filter not there then all you would hear would be a chaotic noise. The radio waves from the other stations in your area have not ceased to exist; they just pass through your radio without going into resonance with it and so you hear nothing. Your body can only do this in a very limited way.

The Harmony Technology devices act as a sort of energy filter for you. By ordering the informational energy within and around you all of your systems become much more coherent (just like the tuner does this for your radio). In this state, they will take up only the energy which they need, i.e. that with which a natural resonance exists. Everything else, just as the radio waves of the stations you don’t want to hear simply pass through your radio without doing anything, simply passes through you. As the perturbing energies no longer go into resonance with any of your systems, they will have no effect upon you.

Now, you may ask yourself, “How can they pass through a solid object like my body and have no effect?” This is because there is actually no such thing as a solid body! Basically, your body is built up from hundreds of trillions of atoms which join together to form molecules which form proteins which form cells etc.. An Atom, however, is more than 99% “empty” space. You may have seen models or drawings of how atoms are built up with a nucleus and a shell of electrons orbiting around it. These are, however, never drawn to scale because the paper just isn’t big enough: If the nucleus of an atom were the size of a pea then the electron shell would be the size of a football stadium! The rest is just empty. Now can you see how something could pass through you without having an effect?

Remember, radioactivity is the most intense possible manifestation of chaos. It should be no surprise that Quantum Ordering greatly reduces the damage which it can do to you.

Quantum Ordering also has lots of other nice effects. All of your systems will become more coherent and function more precisely. The all-round benefits both in health and general well-being can be enormous. The devices have proven themselves to be so effective that there is a six month right of return 100% refund satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, they are guaranteed to function for a minimum of ten years (longer is forbidden by law in several countries).

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