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The Fukushima Emergency, Radioactivity, non-Newtonian Physics and potential Solutions for the Problems.

Although very little has appeared in the major Press during the last few weeks, including both TEPCO's declaration of insolvency and their admission that the was a complete meltdown of reactor 1 on day one on which the fuel rods melted through the floor of the containment chamber and gained the open air, the situation has in no way improved. The amount of radioactive fallout reaching N. America is, in many places, way over the danger level and, even in Europe, radiation levels are increasingly a cause for concern.

You can now check for yourself at http://zardoz.nilu.no/~flexpart/fpinteractive/plots/ where you will see that all the readings have been removed and, from the 15th of April onwards, all entries have been deleted.


Why is this happening and what can we really do about it?
When Sir Isaac Newton propounded, in the 17th century, his theories of a mechanical universe in which everything moved independently of everything else according to natural laws his contemporaries did not possess sufficient knowledge to recognise the errors in his postulates. Indeed, it was not until the late 19th century that scientific evidence showing the universe to be vastly more sophisticated than Newton proposed began to be recognised. Almost exactly a further 100 years was required before the new physics, called Quantum Physics, became public knowledge.
During the two centuries of its unchallenged dominance, Newtonian Physics had accumulated a very considerable weight in the scientific community. As the new physics emerged, battle was rapidly joined between those seeking to make the new truths available and those for whom protecting their status and incomes is vastly more important than truth.
Today, virtually the only branch of "science" which has steadfastly refused to move from 17th to 21st century knowledge is pharmaceutical medicine. This is solely because basing health care upon scientific fact rather than upon long disproven theories would result in the almost total elimination of pharmaceuticals. Instead of participating in scientific research, therefore, billions are spent each year supporting a vast propaganda and bribery machine designed to suppress all knowledge and access to effective non-pharmaceutical techniques.
So just what has this got to do with the Fukushima emergency?
It is the still widely held Newtonian belief that effects appear without cause which leads us into actions designed to suppress the effects of problems instead of eliminating the causes. So, for example, because in pharmaceutical medicine one of the symptoms of a problem will be named as the cause and then attacked, we still have an ingrained expectation that this is the correct course of action when dealing with all problems. In truth the world is much, much simpler to grasp; one merely has to correct one's perspective. Instead, for example, of the more than eighty thousand specialities which pharmaceutical medicine has managed to concoct out of its catalogue of symptoms, one can study the twelve causes of dis-ease which actually exist!
With Fukushima we are obsessed with the symptom, i.e. radioactive dust being spread across the planet, and ignore the causes of the problem, i.e. the artificially concentrated radioactivity and the nature of radioactivity itself.
Radioactivity is the most extreme expression of chaos which is possible on the physical plane of existence. It is inimical to all organic life.
Wilhelm Reich proved more than half a century ago that nuclear reactors damage life energy across the planet and should, therefore, never be built. For this scientific proof he was demonised and much of his work destroyed. Radioactivity CAN NOT be contained!!! Chaotic scalar waves, for example, will pass unhindered through many layers of lead and concrete. It is, therefore, no solution to contemplate pouring thousands of tons of concrete onto the reactors at Fukushima and the three reactors at Onagawa which are also leaking. Nor yet is the ingestion of large doses of iodine to help your body repair the damage which the radioactivity has already caused any sort of real solution.
Effective solutions can only be those which tackle the fundamental problems of the artificial radioactivity itself by eliminating it from the planet and preventing the radioactivity damaging your body in the first place.
For the latter, there is a tried and tested solution in the Harmony Technology which brings about the natural antidote to nuclear radiation, i.e. order. These little devices, when worn upon your body, will bring the natural order to the energies within and around you. This, effectively, removes any resonance between your body and radioactivity and it will pass through you with no effect just as the radio waves of all the stations other than the one which you have tuned into will pass through your radio without causing a sound.
It has been recently reported to us that one person has managed to eliminate radioactivity in a sample of foodstuffs by placing it upon a print out of a Harmony Omega desktop wallpaper. We are, naturally, seeking laboratory confirmation of this which we will publish as soon as it becomes available.
Although a technology exists in Germany which can dissolve radioactivity within minutes, it is at present not available as using it to detoxify nuclear wastes was deemed too cheap (i.e. nobody could make millions out of it) and so it is, at present, not in a state ready to use. We are, therefore, constrained to look for other ways of achieving the required state of eliminating artificial radioactivity and closing down all nuclear reactors. From the ancient Vedic teachings there may be a way of doing this. It costs nothing but does need the active daily participation of millions of people for at least five minutes each day.
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The Mantrum should be sung with the visualisation of singing it in the reactor chambers and projecting it into the fuel rods where it can eliminate the chaos (the radioactivity).

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